Privacy Policy collects personal information about its members and other users. With a few exceptions, this information is limited to the kinds of information that can be found on a business card: first name, last name, job title, employer name, work address, work email, and work phone number. We use this information to provide members and users with goods and services, including membership services, privacy and data protection content, certification, training, and the like. We do not sell personal information to anyone without authorization, except when it is required by law or an authority. User data is never transferred abroad.

We use only those cookies that are generate automatically during a browsing session.

Session cookies are removed automatically once the browser is closed. Another type of cookie is memorized on the user’s computer (for example to automatically log in to web sites, a user can request to memorize their user name and password on one of these files.) Analytics cookies are used to collect information for statistical purposes on the number of users that visit the site and how they reach it. The aforementioned cookies can be installed directly by a web site manager or by a third party. Lastly, profiling cookies are used to send advertisements, for example through personalized banners, in line with a user’s preferences as demonstrated through their browsing. uses analytics cookies and third-party profiling cookies, the latter primarily from the following:

Google Plus, Maps, YouTube:






European legislation, GDPR 2016/679, guarantees specific rights. For each data stored, users have the following rights:

· Access rights: users have the right to obtain a copy of their personal data that has been processed;

· the right to modify: users have the right to modify personal data to either update or correct when necessary;

· the right to refuse the use of data for commercial purposes: users may ask to stop sending commercial communications at any moment;

· the right to refuse decisions based exclusively on automated processes: users may request to not be subject to decisions made based exclusively on automated processes, including profiling activity;

· the right to revoke previously granted consent: users have the right to revoke permissions previously granted for any transmitted data at any time;

· the right to contact the Italian Data Protection Authority: users have the right to contact the agency with any doubts regarding the processing of personal data on this website.

Users may also exercise the following rights under certain circumstances:

· the right to delete data: users may ask to delete personal data when it is no longer required to provide a service, is not needed for any legitimate purposes and there are no laws that require its continued storage;

· the right to refuse data processing: users may ask to cease processing of personal data;

· the right to limit processing: users have the right to ask to limit the use of personal data;

· the right to data portability: users have the right to receive personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format that may be transmitted to another controller.

The information presented on this page is intended to inform users on which types of data are collected by and how the data is processed. Users requiring additional information or clarification can contact us at