Constitutional Challenges in the Algorithmic Society

Day 1 – Thursday, May 9 (UNIFI) – Aula Magna di Novoli, via delle Pandette 9, Firenze

15:00 – Opening Remarks: Andrea Cardone (Delegate for Real Estate and Legal Disputes, University of Florence) and Patrizia Giunti (Director of the Department of Legal Studies, University of Florence)

15:15 – Introduction: Oreste Pollicino (Bocconi University) and Andrea Simoncini (University of Florence)

15:30 – Keynote: Frank Pasquale (University of Maryland)

16:00 – I Session: Algorithms and Human Rights

Chair: Amnon Reichman (University of Haifa/University of Berkeley) and Oreste Pollicino (Bocconi University)

Discussant: Ryan Calo (University of Washington)

  • Celine Castets-Renard (Toulouse 1 Capitole University), Human Rights in the Algorithmic Society: the Case of Predictive Policing System
  • Linda Senden (University of Utrecht) and Raphaële Xenidis (European University Institute), Equality in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: is EU Antidiscrimination Law up to the Challenge?3
  • Lyria Bennett Moses, Monika Zalnieriute and George Williams (UNSW Sydney), Automation as a Means of Promoting the Rule of Law
  • Federica Casarosa (European University Institute), When the Algorithm is not Fully Reliable: the Collaboration between Technology and Humans in the Fight against Hate Speech

18:00 – Debate

19:00 – Dinner (for speakers)

Day 2 – Friday, May 10 (EUI) – Villa Salviati, Via Bolognese 156, Firenze

09:00 – Opening remarks: Deirdre Curtin (Head of Law Department, European University Institute)

09:10 – Keynote: Marta Cartabia (Italian Constitutional Court)

9:40 – II Session: Algorithms and Democracy

Chair: Andrea Simoncini (University of Florence)

Discussant: Sofia Ranchordas (University of Groningen)

  • Henrik Palmer Olsen, Jacob Livingston Slosser, Cornelius Wiesener and Thomas Hildebrandt (University of Copenhagen), What’s in the Box? The Legal Requirement of Explainability in Computationally Aided Decision-Making in Public Administration
  • Michele Finck (Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition), Automated Decision-Making and Public Law
  • Mariavittoria Catanzariti and Francesca Galli (European University Institute), Algorithmic Mass Surveillance and Predictive Policing as a Challenge to Reasonable Suspicion
  • Lorenzo Nannipieri, Marina Pietrangelo and Giancarlo Taddei Elmi (Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques), Algoritmic Justice, The judicial predicting: Automation or Artificial Intelligence?

11:40 – Coffee break

12:00 – III Session: Regulation and Policy

Chair: Giovanni Sartor (European University Institute)

Discussant: Jürgen Kühling (University of Regensburg)

  • Pieter Van Cleynenbreugel (University of Liege), By-Design Obligations in the Algorithmic Society: Promising Regulatory Way Forward or (EU) Constitutional Nightmare In-the-making
  • Mary Reisel, (University of Rikkyo), Can Algorithms Generate Their Own Judge and Jury?
  • Serge Gijrath (Leiden University), Consumer Law as a Tool to Regulate Adverse Consequences of AI Output
  • Wessel Reijers (European University Institute), Two Models of Automated Governance

14:00 – Lunch break

15:30 – Keynote: Peggy Valcke (KU Leuven)

16:00 – Keynote: Luciano Floridi (University of Oxford)

16:15 – IV Session: The Responsibilities of Private Actors

Chair: Hans-W. Micklitz (European University Institute)

Discussant: Alberto De Franceschi (University of Ferrara)

  • Salil Mehra (Temple University), Regulation after Markets – The Challenge of Algorithmic Connectivity
  • Clara Rauchegger (University of Innsbruck), Content Filtering By Online Platforms
  • Helen Eenmaa-Dimitrieva (University of Tartu), Maria José Schmidt-Kessen (Copenhagen Business School), Creating Markets with Smart Contracts: Reducing Risks with No-Party Trust
  • Federico Ferretti (University of Bologna), Consumer Finance in the Age of FinTech and Big Data: a Gift to Society or a Trojan Horse? and Yaiza Cabedo (University Autonoma de Barcelona), The International Regulatory Race for Protecting Investors from Crypto-Finance Risks

18:15 – Debate

20:30 – Dinner (for speakers)

Day 3 – Saturday, May 11 (EUI)

09:45 – Welcome Coffee

10:00 – Round table with the member of the Research Group

Chair: Andrea Simoncini (University of Florence) and Oreste Pollicino (Bocconi University)

Definition of the research proposal: Who does what and when.

Conclusions: Amnon Reichman (University of Haifa/University of Berkeley)

13:00 – Cocktail

This event is organised by European University Institute, University of Florence and Bocconi University.

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Scientific Committee

Prof. Amnon Reichman (University of Haifa/University of Berkeley); Prof. Oreste Pollicino (Bocconi University); Prof. Andrea Simoncini (University of Firenze); Prof. Hans Micklitz (European University Institute); Prof. Giovanni Sartor (European University Institute).